For those of you who read my blog before, you know me as the MA-holding, Chicago-loving, Denver-based blogger who rode her bike and talked semi-professionally about architecture and historic preservation. While some of that is still true, I no longer live in Denver. After moving back to my hometown of Elgin, Illinois I took some time off from blogging for a variety of reasons but mainly that I felt exasperated about leaving Colorado.

After talking with my good friend, artist, art teacher, and fellow Elgin-native, Maddie Richmond, we both realized how many amazing things Elgin had to offer, even if too often our hometown is overlooked.

Situated along the Fox River, this “City in the Suburbs” is about to get some much-deserved and overdue attention in the blog-o-sphere by two of its coolest residents.

The concept:


I am the words. I write in an informal voice with formal facts about historic preservation and architectural history about the city of Elgin.  I firmly believe that historic preservation does not have to be a discipline or interest for those within the professional annals. While legal forms and laws are necessary for preservation work, I see this blog as a way to shift some of the written record into the public eye — democratized and more accessible to those who perhaps simply drove or walked by a particular building and are interested in learning more.


Maddie is the sweet photos. Look back at my old posts my friends, those pictures are not pretty.  Here’s a bit from her bio on her personal site:

“I earned my  Bachelor of Fine Art degree with an emphasis in studio art from Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma. My spare time is spent working at St. Edward High School, teaching angst-ridden teenagers all things art. I have shown art nationally and internationally with private collectors world wide. Working in various mediums and styles affords me the opportunity to continue growing as an artist whilst evolving my current ideas.”

Yeah, pretty cool right?  If you want to know more about her art, check out here!

While I can talk about these buildings, and sometimes (only sometimes) make good jokes along the way, I’m so excited to start collaborating with Maddie so the buildings featured each week will start to get the visual justice they have not received from me and my phone in the past.